November, 2010 Edition

400-Year-Old Personalized Pipes Found at Jamestown-Indian-English designs may bear earliest known printing in English America National Geographic

Italy: Another building collapses at ancient Pompeii site Adnkronos

Humans caused megafauna demise: expert ABC Science News

More on stone balls at Stonehenge Science Daily

Chemists help archaeologists to probe biblical history Nature

Crown Suggests Queen Arsinoë II Ruled Ancient Egypt as Female Pharaoh Science Daily

Byzantine Bath Unearthed in Tel Kesra Day Press

Troops headed to Iraq get lessons in ancient artifacts Philadelphia Inquirer

Freeze-drying history: A&M archaeologists find a way to accelerate preservation of 17th-century shipwreck Houston Chronicle

Archaeologists to embark on quest for 2,500-year-old lost Greek theatre Telegraph UK

A BYU dig in Egypt is putting Christianity a bit earlier there? Salt Lake Tribune

When German archaeologists discovered bones in the tomb of Queen Eadgyth they looked to Bristol to provide crucial scientific evidence that the remains were indeed those of the English royal PhysOrg

After Much Controversy, Authenticity of Teotihuacan's 'The Malinaltepec Mask' Verified Art Daily

No Romans needed to explain Chinese blondes Discover

More on Battle of Towton, the birth of modern warfare and the killing of 1% of the population ArchNews

Agriculture, Food and Non-Food Products as Seen Zoo-archaeologically ArchNews

A case of Slander, Lies and the Dead Sea Scrolls ArchNews

More on Welsh standing stone cup marks may represent star constellations Past Horizons

A prehistoric star map carved on a Welsh capstone? The Stone Pages

Britain's Oldest Brain Past Horizons

Cahokia's Woodhenge: a supprising implication The Examiner

As the Epigraphic Survey at Chicago House in Luxor enters its 87th six-month season in Luxor, Jill Kamil talks to director Ray Johnson about the work in progress Al-Ahram Weekly

More on Sphinxes reveal new avenue Al-Ahram Weekly

Paupers and the pyramids: 400 “poor” burials unearthed near Giza Unreported Heritage News

Burial urn dating to Megalithic period unearthed MSN India

Archaeologists: Tombs Dating Back to 5th Millennium BC Unearthed in Syria Global Arab Network

Mystery shipwreck found in central Stockholm The Local

The Oldest Salt Mine Known to Date Located in Azerbaijan Science Daily

Shuttle images reveal Egypt's lost great lake-Desert drainage patterns point to ancient oases in Sahara Science News

'Ancient farm' found at site of new Forth Crossing BBC News

'Bloody' Battle of Towton is 'first proven gunfight in Brit history' NewsTrack

1200 year old sculpture found in Kurukhsetra Times of India

2,000 year old intact female skeleton with gray hair unearthed in Hubei People's Daily

Pet-Keeping and Animal Sacrifice as Seen Economically and Archaeologically ArchNews

Mrauk U Pagodas Damaged by Railroad Construction The Irrawaddy

3,000-year-old musical instrument unearthed in Vietnam Bernama

Researchers Kick-Start Ancient DNA Science Daily

UCSD professor reveals evidence about King Solomons mines San Diego Uptown News

Archeologists unearth ancient sunken ship in E Chinas Shandong People's Daily

Ancient Lambayeque civilizations domesticated cats 3500 years ago enPeru

More on centuries before Columbus, a Viking-Indian child may have been born in Iceland National Geographic

Ancient Egyptian temple submerged in sewage Al-Masry Al-Youm

More on The mystery of a forged coin and money laundering? ArchNews

More on a major find from the stone age has been uncovered in Tal El-Karkh site in Idelb,northwest of Syria ArchNews

New Sutton Hoo photographs unearthed EADT 24

Ancient Roman soldiers' bathhouse found in Jerusalem CNN News

Ancient Cossack vessel raised from bottom of Dnipro at Khortytsia Kyiv Post

20,000 years artificially drilled specimen found in Henan People's Daily

Cave images could indicate overhunted deer led to culture’s downfall La Crosse Tribune

Scientists drill into Dead Sea to extract 500,000-year-old treasures within mud and sediment Orlando Sentinel

President Garcيa: Yale will return entire Machu Picchu collection Peruvian Times

Archeologists find 3,000-year-old fruit cellar People's Daily

Anthropologists looking for Roman legion in China Newstrack

Science devises new method to sort Dead Sea Scrolls M & C

London's National Portrait Gallery Finds Relics of English King Richard II in Its Basement Art Daily

Burnt City womans face reconstructed Press TV

Peering into Pajaro Valley's past: Native American stone pestles tell tale of advancing technology Santa Cruz Sentinel

Ancient structure unearthed near Glasgow Kirkintilloch Herald

Saxon Shore forts an integrated defence system? ArchNews

Hi-tech robots search ocean floor for ancient shipwrecks CNN News

Archaeological Sites Bulldozed for Railroad Construction in Arakan Narinjara News

Northern Arizona petroglyphs scrubbed of graffiti Arizona Republic

Roman road junction discovered at Network Rail site Cambs Times

Chinese Noodle Dinner Buried for 2,500 Years Discovery

Artifacts unearthed below Supreme Court of Canada Toronto Sun

Ancient trumpets played eerie notes: Scientists analyze tunes from 3,000-year-old conch-shell instruments for insight into pre-Inca civilization Science News

Food designed to fill-‘Colonists' offer insights on their diet, work required to eat Southern Maryland Newspapers

Cancer was rare but it DID occur in ancient Egypt, Manchester Uni Egyptologist refutes Nature article Archnews UK

How did the Norse really colonize Greenland? Archnews UK

The purpose of Aztec blood rituals part 1 Archnews UK

Peru to receive Yale delegation to discuss Machu Picchu artifacts Peruvian Times

Vikings brought Amerindian to Iceland 1,000 years ago: study AFP\Yahoo News

Prehispanic Decapitated Ballgame Player Sculpture Discovered by Archaeologists in Mexico Art Daily

New Archeological Device to Determine Origin of Ancient Samples-The ability to tell the difference between crystals that formed naturally and those formed by human activity can be important to archaeologists in the field Azom

First Americans 'reached Europe five centuries before Columbus discoveries'-Scientists claim first Americans arrived long before Columbus bumped into an island in the Bahamas in 1492 Guardian UK

Archaeologists record first of Nottingham's caves BBC News

and this Archaeologists in Nottingham say they have uncovered the true site of one of the country's most infamous caves BBC News

More on Battle erupts over claims for ancient butchery Scientific American

Stonehenge mystery could rest on ball bearings Independent UK

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park: Chillicothe, Ohio The Examiner

Mediaeval graffiti casts light on everyday handworkers at German nunnery The Local

Spanish police recover relics from Roman necropolis Expatica

Ancient Roman village discovered in parkland around stately home-Remains of a Roman road, the village and thousands of artefacts were found at Syon House in Isleworth Guardian UK

Wreck of French privateer found 60 miles off Devon BBC News

Researchers Dispute Report on Early Butchers New York Times

Excavations at Kucukcekmece unearth newest old surprises Hurriyet Daily News

Italy: Temple of goddess of virgins, wild animals, unearthed Adnkronos

St. Augustine team finds well-preserved flintlock pistol amid shipwreck-Team's exploration of a wreck led to the find, hidden in concretion Florida Times Union

Modern Humans Mature More Slowly Than Neanderthals Did, Analysis of Teeth Suggests Science Daily

Roman Decadence and Rising Seas New York Times

More on Acoustic Archaeology Yielding Mind-Tripping Tricks Discovery

Pictures: More on 12 New Sphinxes Confirm Legendary Egypt Route National Geographic

Ancient Egyptian 'Avenue of Sphinxes' gets twelve Sphinxes longer Heritage Key

Interactive Dig Crete: Zominthos Project Updated Archaeology Magazine

World's oldest Copper Age settlement found Hindustan Times

16th Century Astronomer's Remains Exhumed CBS News

Mystery treasure could be in forgotten medieval code The Norrthern Echo

Chinese mine in Afghanistan threatens ancient find Associated Press

Maya pyramids pose acoustic riddle USA Today

Archaeologists: 3 Stores Dating back to Second Millennium B.C. Unearthed in Syria Global Arab Network

Can Computerised Terrain Analysis Find Boudica's Last Battlefield? British Archaeology

Cumbria pupils to follow Roman soldier on Twitter Westmorland Gazette

How ancient Greeks honoured heroes Winnipeg Free Press

Aboriginal astronomers observed and recorded a 'supernova-impostor' event: research PhysOrg

Series: Guides to the ancient world-China: Enduring empire-The laws and customs of the ancient world still shape the best and worst of China today Guardian UK

New Explanation for the Origin of High Species Diversity in Amazon Science Daily

Dig rewrites history of Tasmania's Aborigines-But millions of artefacts discovered at a 40,000-year-old site are at risk from a plan for a new four-lane highway Independent UK

History of Peru Series-Part 6: Reading the past, righting the record Peruvian Times

Dawson bodies to be ID'd by archeologists CBC News

Archaeologist Recreates Stone Age Technology Live Science

Cahokia Mounds & the remnants of a sprawling metropolis The Examiner

Ancient Tablets Reveal Mathematical Achievements of Ancient Babylonian Culture Art Daily

More on Robot Explorer Reveals 2,000-Year-Old, Perfectly Carved Underground Tunnel in Mexico Time Magazine

Found after 300 years, the scourge of the British navy-Wreck found off Plymouth is identified as feared French corsair Independent UK

Series: Guides to the ancient world-The story of Mother India Guardian UK

Extreme Global Warming in the Ancient Past Science Daily

Prehistoric Ilkley Moor carvings to be preserved in 3D BBC News

Robot used to explore ancient tunnel at Teotihuacan ruins, 1st for Mexican archaeology Canadian Press

Stone age etchings found in Amazon basin as river levels fall: Drought in Brazil reveals engravings up to 7,000 years old – evidence of ancient civilisation Guardian UK

Mummies of 15th century dogs discovered in Peru AFP

Archeological Findings back to 10th Millennium B.C. in Syria Day Press

Archaeology for your IPhone! The Stone Pages

More on the discovery of a hieroglyphic engraving in Saudi Arabia suggests that the ancient Egyptian empire extended further than previously recognised Al-Ahram Weekly

Ancient African Dust Caused Red Soil in Southern Europe, New Research Reveals Science Daily

Cambrian Explosion: New Timeline for Appearances of Skeletal Animals in Fossil Record Science Daily

Fertile Crescent farmers took DNA to Germany ABC Science

and the original paper here Ancient DNA from European Early Neolithic Farmers Reveals Their Near Eastern Affinities PLoS Biology

Met Is to Repatriate to Egypt Artifacts From King Tut’s Tomb New York Times

Series: Guides to the ancient world-Mesopotamia: Birthplace of civilisation Guardian UK

In Brief: Social inequality among Pueblo Indians PhysOrg

Darwin's theory of gradual evolution not supported by geological history, scientist concludes PhysOrg

The brains of Neanderthals and modern humans developed differently AlphaGalileo\Max Planck Institute

The Americas: The old New World-The tragic demise of the Americas' native civilisations has too long distracted from its impressive cultural feats Guardian UK

Trove of 'Degenerate' Artworks Thought Destroyed by Nazis Is Unearthed in Berlin Yahoo News\Art Info

A rare 8th century statue becomes casualty of Indian piety Times of India

Skeletons from the 18th Century Reveal Typhus Epidemic from Spain Science Daily

Early Cities Spurred Evolution of Immune System? 'Amazing' DNA results show benefits of ancient urbanization, study says National Geographic

'Unique' astronomical object reveals Ancient Egyptians kept close tabs on the Big Dipper Heritage Key

More on Saudi Arabia finds first Pharaoh artifact dating to Ramses III Saudi Gazette

Items found in Monmouth shed light on Mesolithic man BBC News

A Roman coin discovered by a cleaner was struck by a 'Del Boy' forger who could not spell and did not know his emperors Metro UK

Archaeology: 1000-year-old human skeleton found in western Bulgaria Sofia Echo

Experts reveal brutal Viking massacre Oxford Mail

Pompeii building collapse prompts calls for privatisation of city-Calls for Unesco world heritage site to be privatised after 2,000-year-old House of Gladiators collapses Guardian UK

Egyptian burial site shows evidence of sun-worship, prof says Chicago Maroon

The magic of the mummies-The Egyptian Book of the Dead contains a spell that turns the speaker into a snake Guardian UK

A Canaanite settlement dating back to the Bronze Age discovered at Tel Esur University of Haifa

Pharaonic inscription found in Saudi Arabia Arab News

Mayans converted wetlands to farmland-The sophistication of the civilization's agricultural systems rivalled their pyramids Nature

Archaeologists Hunt Grave Robbers In Arizona Backcountry KPHO

Important finds in Tseri Cyprus Mail

Ancient house in Pompeii collapses Herald Tribune

New Statistical Model Moves Human Evolution Back Three Million Years Science Daily

35,000-year-old axe head places Aboriginal ancestors at the cutting edge of technology The Age

Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests Live Science

Archaeologist finds mystery skulls mailed to Brigham Young University are prehistoric Canadian Press

Archaeologists have discovered a mass grave of Jews killed by Romanian troops during World War Two Reuters

Egypt: A life before the afterlife-Gloomy tombs and morbid mummies? Everyday Egypt was much more than that Guardian UK

Sifting through the paston the Chengdu Plain PhysOrg

Sub Aquatic Archaeologists Discover Four Complete Skulls of Extinct Animals in a Cenote Art Daily

More on Statue Unearthed in Tomb of Tut's Grandfather Discovery

King Tut suffered 'massive' chest injury, new research reveals Heritage Key

Brain trumps hand in Stone Age tool study Emory University

and this Stone Age Humans Needed More Brain Power to Make Big Leap in Tool Design Science Daily

What Old Arrowheads Tell Us about the Origins of Modern Thinking Archaeology Magazine

Why did American Indians leave East St. Louis more than 800 years ago? News Democrat

A quern stone was found on a golf course in Bedfordshire BBC News

Excavation site of Chinas first dragon shaped art object identified People's Daily

More on Pompeiians Flash-Heated to Death—'No Time to Suffocate' National Geographic

Amenhotep III & sun god Re-Horakhti statue unearthed at pharaoh's funerary temple in Luxor Heritage Key

Pompeii’s Mystery Horse Is a Donkey Softpedia

Big finger gives away naughty Neanderthals ABC Science News

Fort Mason yields surprise historical trove San Francisco Chronicle

13th century bas relief of Akkamahadevi found in Chitradurga Deccan Herald

More on Great Sphinx's Walls Rise Again Discovery

Early conservation effort? 3,400 year old wall found at Giza shows Thutmose IV tried to preserve Sphinx Heritage Key

Big Dig Tells Nuanced Story About North Idaho Town KUOW News

More on Europe’s Plagues Came From China, Study Finds New York Times

Three mastodons, one mammoth, found so far at Snowmass site Aspen Daily News

A rare view of Egyptian Book of the Dead (video) BBC News

Archaeologists have unearthed a collection of Bronze Age axe heads, spear tips and other 3,000-year-old metal objects buried in an Essex field BBC News

Viet Nam's first ancient crematoria-tombs discovered in Phu Yen Viet Nam News

Was death of Iron Age man at Heslington East a ritual killing? York Press

Twenty Human Skeletons and Fragments of Colonial Ceramic Found by INAH Archaeologists Art Daily

The Lost Colony may now be found Hampton Roads

Syrian Archaeologists: Rare 3rd Century Frescos Undergoing Restoration at Hama Museum Global Arab Network

Old Mystic Cemetery Has Rare Wolf Stones Hartford Courant
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